Don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.



Precisely. :)

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When I Blog I Blog Hard

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Pag ikaw galit, lahat ng pasensya binibigay ko, pinapagaba ko. :)

Pag ako galit, mas mataray ka pa sakin? Tibay naman ng konsensiya mo? Labanan ng Pag-uyam? Uyam na uyam na ko sa totoo lang.

Ganyang ugali? Pasalamat ka may nagtagal. :)

Nice TALKING. Kaleche.

My reaction when someone takes food off my plate..

Psychology Blog (Neurolove/psych-facts): 7 Tips for Interview Success


1. Work on your nonverbal communication skills. Those are as important as the actual words you speak. Aim to come across as being warm, friendly, approachable, relaxed and self-confident.

2. Dress in accordance with the Company’s norms. If employees dress in a…



“there were no black people in the film brave

“there were no fat people in the les mis film”


there were no humans in cars

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"You know this is only a one-way trip sir" - Jarvis to Tony Stark

Maybe this is the most dramatic statement that this robot said to his creator when they’re saving the humanity.